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In a nutshell

The bottled water business is one of the biggest and toughest industries in the world. The margins are thin and the associated logistics are very expensive, to make it profitable.

This industry is perhaps one of the main contributors for the excess plastic consumption and pollution on our planet, due to its discardable packaging nature.

Recycling should be the word of the day, everyday, but the fact remains that most people soon lose the motivation to keep the effort of recycling their bottles and so the problem gets increasingly worse.

Technology innovation and climate-change in an unified and consistent way.


The Challenge

Bottled Water is one of the biggest industries in the world but it is also one with the biggest issues.

It is impossible to know the quality of the water you're consuming so there's no other option but to trust the provider.

Even if the previous problem is a big one, it is not even the biggest one, so let's talk about it. Plastic pollution is one of the most serious environmental issues and it only seems to be growing, and we're not even mentioning how the production of this plastic requires unreal amounts of oil that also hurts our world.

Our Solution

We are part of this world, so we must as well be part of the solution. While tackling this project, our goals were to generate a solution that addressed these big issues in an effective and consistent way.

The result? Not a machine, but a full water ecosystem that brings takes the best from innovative technology, motivates the user to recycle in a fun and consistent way.

Our process

Do you know what is the secret to developing great products? To take a deep look at the industry with the eye of a critic. In the last 3 years, we've been following the water industry really really close. Even though we've seen great ideas and technologies being developed, there was not one that unified tech innovation, user experience, economic advantages, and climate change-friendly features in a consistent and meaningful way.

With a market value of 39.9 billion in 2021 according to Grand View Research, the bottled water industry is one of the biggest markets in the world.  But with big industries, come as well big problems. Water scarcity, the toll of the industry on the climate crisis, thin revenue margins, and water quality are just some of the problems the bottled water business is facing at the moment. When our team dived deep into the research we understood that something had to be done. (that's why we have 3 projects water-related not just this one). Keeping that in mind, we developed a product that'll bring real value to the market. An eco-friendly, circular economy, industrial smart water dispenser that actually improves the way we drink water. That was a tongue twister, let us explain it better. We created AquaSpot® an eco-friendly smart water dispenser that allows the user to consume pure and fresh water while helping the planet as well as tracking their consumption habits in a fun intuitive way.

Fighting climate crisis with a vending machine

The AquaSpot® also features a built-in innovative bottle retrieving mechanism, so they can be recycled. But the innovation craze doesn’t stop there, as the QL team is on fire, partnering up with one of the country’s top universities and the world’s top materials’ engineering R&D centers to develop two totally new and also first-of-its-kind additional technologies:

1. A 100% eco-friendly smart-tag that will be used to automatically track all the first generation bottles used in the AquaSpot® ecosystem.

2. A 100% compostable and recyclable packaging material that will first serve for the next generation of the AquaSpot® proprietary eco-friendly bottles and later on beyond into the whole packaging industry. This will complete the full circular-economy feature of the project.

The big problem around new tech is always user adaptation. Most of the time, it is really hard that people to try new things, not to mention to become true fans of a new brand. This is why the AquaSpot® brings innovation to the table with two amazing features:

Flavor mixing

Allows the user to choose and mix between four base flavors, resulting in 16 unique combinations. Tired of plain water? Why not try a strawberry-lemon mix for a change? Or a refreshing mint-orange for the summer heat. Well, now it's a reality.


The AquaSpot® connects to our system app called EcoHero® to track your water consumption. This way you'll know your progress, set up goals, and receive benefits each time you accomplish an objective every time you use the machine to refill your reusable bottle. The technology stack of the whole AquaSpot® ecosystem also includes a full API for integration in any 3rd party information system such as ERP, CRM, POS etc.

The solution is already at the proof-of-concept/working prototype stage and is set to hit the market by the end of Q2 2023 with already big multinational players in the big retail industry evaluating the solution.

Take the Leap

A Climate Saving Game

The AquaSpot® is more than just a new machine. It is part of a bigger picture, part of the solution by reducing plastic use, operation costs, and promoting a circular economy.

DYOW - Design Your Own Water

One of our most significant features. Custom water that adapts to your personal taste on-the-fly. 16 possible unique flavors in both plain and soda water.

​Next Gen Filtering & UV-C

Revolutionary filtering and sterilization that provides high-quality fresh supply. A masterpiece of absolute innovation, even down to the component level.


More than an isolated solution, an ecosystem. Track your water consumption habits 24/7, set up goals, and get benefits from each filled objective.

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