We're humans
after all

We are an ever growing team of science & tech nerds who really care about making meaningful things and experiences, for people and the world around us.

And we really mean it.

Science, tech and design nerds
with a vision for the future
QL Industrial Team working on a prototype

Who we are

More than just an innovation company.

We are a trusted partner and confidant, always pushing you and your business to achieve greatness and make a lasting impact. From our team of all-star tech & science experts to our commitment to fostering innovation and growth, we strive to be your ultimate ally in the pursuit of success.

But we don't just stop at helping you achieve your goals - we also celebrate the journey with you every step of the way.

Want to get lost? Go alone.
Want to go far?
Go with us.

Let's talk
Ricardo Lopes QL CEO

Ricardo Lopes

A serial entrepreneur, with a computer science and electronics background, with a legacy of more than 25 years of experience in the hi-tech R&D, and creative industries.

"Society has failed. Period.
Here's our take on the solution."

"I deeply believe that most of our problems today, namely their causes, are solvable on a much more root level via science and  technology solutions, and therefore, from a social structural standpoint, we need to urgently shift from personal or group ideologies and opinions, to the wide-spread enforcement of technological all-human friendly and all-human enhancing breakthroughs."

our values
Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.

We value grey matter and more importantly, ideas. Creativity is what set us apart from all other species and more often than not is revealed from the least suspected member of the team. We welcome all.

Fast and Strong Impact.

Our time is limited. So we believe that the work we do must have a significant and fast impact on its' target. Be it a company, an industry or the whole society.

Head in the clouds, Feet on the Ground.

Not just passionate about what we do, we are obsessed with it, and so with innovation. Still we do it always with scalability and sustainability in our minds, both business and ecofriendly-wise.

Nerds and Geeks that really Care.

We aren't here just for the business. We really mean to make a better world for everyone as much as we can, via sheer and pure creativity, science & technology innovation.

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