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In a nutshell

AquaPal® smart water pump is a revolutionary high-quality water-dispenser, leveraging the power of IoT and embedded systems along with EdgeAi, to enable a whole new level of convenience for both bottled water consumers and providers, by creating a new order-from-home plus home-delivery ecosystem.

The first smart water pump in the world, offering for the first time, the convenience of bottled water as a service.


The Challenge

Running out of bottled water can be a real hassle. Whether you're at home or at work, it's never fun to be caught without a water to fulfill your thirst. The problem gets even worse in hot weather or during dry seasons. But that's not all. Re-stocking can be a real pain. You might have to manually contact your supplier by phone or email and wait for a delivery. And, even then, you might have to lug heavy bottles home from the store.

All in all, the bottled water business has a lot of problems that need to be addressed.

Our Solution

Our team knows that the bottled water industry is crowded and competitive. To stand out, we knew our new product had to be truly innovative and solve real problems. That's why we focused on understanding our users and their needs, which led us to create the AquaPal® the first autonomous smart water pump in the world. This game-changing product is easy to use, but packed with exciting features that will revolutionize the way people think about water dispensers. The AquaPal® is a real leap forward for the industry.

Our process

The AquaPal® is designed to make your life easier and more convenient.

Its easy to install, which means you can start using it right away. The device is also easy to use, with both manual and automatic home-delivery settings, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best. The device also has an optional companion app, which allows you to monitor your hydration and water consumption, and to order bottled water directly from the app, as well as the device. This eliminates the need to manually contact a supplier or go to the store to restock.

The AquaPal® is compatible with different bottle sizes, from 5L to 20L, and comes with a rechargeable battery via USB-C, which can serve up to 120L on a single charge. This allows you to use the device wherever you are, whether you're at home, at work or on the go.

With AquaPal®, you can enjoy the convenience and safety it brings to your life.

Take the Leap


Fully autonomous and connected to the cloud, allowing for seamless communication and updates. Plus, it's powered by EdgeAI and server-side logic.


Not only has full flow control, but also uses onboard machine learning to learn your consumption habits and automatically re-order water bottles before you run out. Plus, you can also manually order water bottles directly on the device – no app required.

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