We provide both OEM and ODM manufacturing services.
This means that if you have your own product design team, we can “just” build it for you. 

But even if you don’t have such a team in-house, we can still also help by doing everything, end-to-end, from scratch for you. From concept to design, from development to production. Delivered to your doorstep. Then you market the product as your own, under your brand, and under your own terms. 


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More often than not, a great idea or project, is driven by pure innovation at its core. 

Maybe a new kind of super-material is needed. Maybe it’s some new wireless communication protocol. Or maybe it’s a new silicon chip for on-device edge Ai capabilities. Some exquisite new software algorithm perhaps? Or maybe it’s all of those together and beyond.

At QL we are hungry for cutting edge innovation, and those are our favorite challenges, that make our hearts race and our minds shine. 

So our R&D team is ready for anything you might need to throw at it. 

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What started with our own internal needs for institutional and solutions/product marketing communication, ended up in the creation of a from-the-ground-up new division at QL.

We provide end-to-end audio and video production services focussing on sound design, full original music scoring, recording, mixing and mastering, promotional institutional and product video shooting, professional photography, as well as more specialized services such as 8K and thermal aerial drone video recording.

Last but not least, our full-stack web and mobile app development skills, are available too for any level of complexity and scale project. We’ve done it before for big clients. We can do it again just for you.

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