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In a nutshell

FrisBee® is a smart-button technology that allows consumers to order products or services from their favorite brands without using an app. It is a cloud-connected device with a compact, full-color touch display that can be stuck to a fridge or other convenient location. The technology includes proximity sensing to save battery life and trigger marketing promotions, as well as an API for integration with third-party systems. FrisBee® aims to create a new ecosystem for ordering and home delivery, particularly in the food industry, and to make the process more convenient for both consumers and providers.


The Challenge

One of the key challenges we observed in the industry was the proliferation of apps, which can be overwhelming and cumbersome for users. With so many apps available, it can be difficult for consumers to find the ones they really need, and they may end up with cluttered devices that are difficult to navigate. This inspired us to develop a solution that would allow consumers to access the products and services they want without having to install and manage multiple apps.

Another challenge we identified was the high rate of cart abandonment at online checkout. Many consumers are put off by the complexity of the checkout process, and may abandon their purchases as a result. This presents a significant problem for businesses, as it can lead to lost sales and revenue. To address this issue, we wanted to create a streamlined and intuitive system that would make it easy for consumers to order the products and services they need, without any frustration or difficulty. We believe that FrisBee® has the potential to solve these problems, and make the process of ordering products and services more convenient for both consumers and businesses.

Our Solution

To address the issue of app overload, our team developed FrisBee® as a dedicated device that performs a specific function or application, rather than a general-purpose app. This allows consumers to access the products and services they need without having to install and manage multiple apps on their devices. FrisBee is also cloud-connected, which means that it can access the resources it needs over the internet, rather than relying on local processing power. This makes it more lightweight and easier to use.

To address the issue of cart abandonment at checkout, we designed FrisBee® to be as simple and intuitive as possible. The device has a compact, full-color touch display that allows users to browse and select products and services with ease. It also includes proximity sensing and other features to save battery life and trigger marketing promotions, making it an all-in-one solution for ordering products and services. We believe that FrisBee's® streamlined design will make it easy for consumers to order the products they need, and help businesses increase their sales and revenue.

Our process

Welcome to the age of FrisBee® - the physical smart-button technology that's changing the way we order products and services. Are you tired of managing a million apps on your device, only to struggle with complicated checkouts and abandoned carts? FrisBee® is here to solve all of those problems and more.

As the first app-free, cloud-connected device of its kind, FrisBee® is revolutionizing the way we order the things we love. Its ultra-compact, full-color touch display allows you to browse and select products and services with ease, all without ever having to install a single app. Plus, with FrisBee's® low cost, brands can even offer it to you for free.

But FrisBee's® benefits don't stop there. It's also a complete ecosystem for home delivery, leveraging the power of IoT and embedded systems along with edge AI to bring you the ultimate level of convenience. Whether you're ordering pizza for a night in or groceries for the week, FrisBee® makes it easy to get the things you need delivered right to your door.

And with FrisBee's® proximity sensing features, you can even trigger dynamic marketing promotions from your favorite brands. Imagine getting special discounts and offers just by having FrisBee® stuck to your fridge - it's a whole new way to engage with the products and services you love.

So why wait? Join the FrisBee® revolution and experience the ultimate convenience of ordering without apps. Say goodbye to app overload and hello to the future of FrisBee®.

Take the Leap

APP for Real

FrisBee® is the first physical low-cost smart-button technology, materialized in an autonomous, cloud connected, ultra-compact, full-colour touch display dedicated device, so inexpensive, that brands can offer it to their customers for "free". FrisBee® indeed are tiny computers dedicated to just one purpose or application. So we are turning APPs into APPliances.

One-click wonder

FrisBee® embodies a dedicated physical “button” short-cut for the brands/products you love the most. It actually looks and feels like suddenly someone brought a digital app from your smartphone into the real physical world. So next time you feel hungry for that special pizza you always get back to, you just need to click that brand’s FrisBee®, and pizza heaven will be on its way to your door.

​Convenience Reinvented

This solution creates a complete new order-from-home plus home-delivery ecosystem, leveraging the power of IoT and embedded systems along with edge Ai, to enable a whole new level of convenience for both consumers and product/service providers in the food industry and beyond.

Save the industry

In a particularly difficult COVID-19 pandemic period where people around the world are, regularly, literally forced to stay at home, and complete verticals like the restaurant industry struggles to stay afloat and survive, there was never before a better time for new ways to make it easier to get the things you love or need the most delivered to your doorstep. FrisBee® to the rescue!

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