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In a nutshell

In a world where efficiency and customer satisfaction drive success, the hospitality industry faces constant challenges in streamlining ordering processes and enhancing guest experiences. Introducing Frisbee® Tabletop – an innovative solution poised to revolutionize the way guests interact with establishments and elevate the entire hospitality experience.

Enhancing hospitality experiences through seamless technology.


The Challenge

The hospitality landscape has long grappled with inefficient ordering processes, resulting in delays, miscommunication, and overall inconvenience. This friction has led to a startling statistic: for every customer complaint, there are 26 silent unhappy customers whose concerns go unaddressed. The need for a transformative solution is clear.

Our Solution

Frisbee® Tabletop ushers in a new era of interaction between guests and hospitality establishments. The smart screen device offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that empowers guests to seamlessly browse menus, customize orders, and request additional services. Gone are the days of traditional methods like phone calls and waiting for staff assistance. With Frisbee® Tabletop, guests experience quicker order placements and faster service, enhancing their overall experience.

Our process

The Quantum Leap team recognized the pressing need for efficient, technology-driven solutions in the hospitality sector. With Frisbee® Desktop, they meticulously designed a platform that not only addresses the challenges faced by guests and staff but also contributes to increased revenue and streamlined operations. By eliminating manual order-taking and phone calls, staff members can focus on more value-added tasks, optimizing labor allocation. Real-time order updates keep guests informed and engaged, while the device gathers invaluable data for insights into order patterns and customer preferences.

Take the Leap

Enhanced Guest Experience:

Frisbee® Tabletop transforms the guest experience by eliminating hurdles, streamlining orders, and providing real-time updates.

Operational Efficiency:

By automating order-taking and providing real-time status updates, the device optimizes staff allocation and reduces errors associated with manual transcription.

Boosting Revenue:

The smart screen device not only enhances guest satisfaction but also acts as a platform for showcasing promotions, upselling services, and increasing the average order value.

Versatility and Integration:

Frisbee® Tabletop can be seamlessly integrated into various hospitality environments, providing a consistent and innovative experience.

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