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Nommo - The world’s first low-cost Smart Water Pump.

A partnership that started about 2 years ago with the Portuguese market leader in the super-alkaline mineral water brand industry, “Água de Monchique”, the “Nommo” smart water pump is the first in its category to integrate unique features such as configurable dispensing modes, real-time water quality assessment, water intake monitoring, companion app, cloud 

connectivity and full integration with home/office-delivery services.

"We have a unique product and brand in Portugal and the world. We want to add value to the water market, both for the quality and uniqueness of our products, but also for the innovation we want to add to the sector. Consumers are increasingly demanding brands. These must be able to make way, be bold, and often leave their comfort zone to meet their desires and needs. That's what we try to do daily at Água Monchique," says Vítor Hugo Gonçalves, Água de Monchique CEO.

QL is the technological partner of Água de Monchique, having created the solution's concept through intensive R&D and supporting the development of the product. The company's proven experience allows it to offer cutting-edge system hardware and software design services. Ricardo Lopes, QL CEO, highlights the enthusiasm in announcing that “we are bringing to the market a smart water dispenser, autonomously connected to the internet, with color display, proprietary high-quality design, which brings for the first time a set of features never before seen in its category, at a very competitive price," he added.

The Nommo Smart Water Pump is in pre-production and will reach the domestic market in the first half of 2022 and later in the year international markets and partners.

Pre-sales and more info at:

About Sociedade da Água de Monchique:

Sociedade da Água de Monchique SA has been exploring the public concession of Portugal's Monchique mineral water since December 16, 1992. Distinguished several times with the status of "SME Excellence", it is currently one of the biggest players in the national market. The manufacturing facilities are located in Caldas de Monchique, Algarve, Portugal, in a protected area of more than 50 hectares, where the preservation of aquifers is the essential critical factor, motivating the logistics of sustainable management of the environment. Monchique Water is distinguished by its uniqueness, the result of a natural physical-chemical composition where its naturally high pH of 9.5 stands out. This special composition gives it unique characteristics that, by the benefits it brings, contribute to the well-being and balance of the human body. In 2021 saw the innovation and sustainability of its packaging be distinguished with the Product of the Year award.

Visit Água de Monchique on the web at

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