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We are a hard-tech & deep-tech company, building the next
generation solutions for a truly better world. We also help brands
as their strategic technology & innovation partner.

The solution is our product.

We're here to start a (r)evolution.
And we want you to be part of it.

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What we do

Data Science and AI

Unleash the full potential of your organization with the power of AI and software. Optimize and scale your operations to reach new heights of success.

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Digital Transformation

Digitization is no longer just a nice-to-have, it's a must-have for businesses to stay relevant. Don't fall behind, embrace the digital age and thrive.

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IoT and industry 5.0

Boost productivity, efficiency, and capabilities with the latest IoT and robotics technology. Whether at home or in the factory, the future is now and we make it happen.

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Product prototyping and development

Let us turn your vision into a reality. We not only bring your products to life, but also create immersive experiences that captivate and engage.

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Web3, VR/AR/XR and the Metaverse

Come with us in our deep-dive as pioneers on the web3 & metaverse via VR, AR, and XR to experience digital content in never before seen immersive ways.

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We are not a fantasy one-trick-unicorn.

We are the real deal, approaching different industries and markets, and any part of our own ever-growing portfolio can become the next-big-thing.

How we do it

from concept to production with our End-to-end turnkey system


We chat, have a cup of tea (and maybe some cookies too), discuss every detail of the dream and how is it going to impact (your) the world.


Research and Strategy

Our team deep dives into the data to fully understand the problem at stake and find the most effective, and while we're at it, innovative solution.


Design & Development

Once we find that "Holy Grail", we develop and test it to the extreme, to ensure its impact on the problem.



We offer a one stop shop to make it happen. So we go full circle and also manufacture your dream in our own advanced industrial production facilities.

Solutions with purpose and impact


Focus on Safety & Security

The next generation OEM/ODM home & office security & safety smart-system for service providers and integrators.

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Focus on Security & Privacy

An industry-first video surveillance system that brings the perfect balance between security and privacy.

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Inspiring companies that honor us as our clients, prospects and partners.

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