Behold some  of the core technologies that make and will make the heart & soul of all our product and service line movinf forward into the future. At QL we pride ourselves of being bold, taking risks as pioneers and early adopters by getting on the bleeding edge of innovation, where science & technology meet and are forever happy, together, holding hands. We have a lot more tricks up our R&D efforts and partnerships’ sleeves, so stay tuned for a lot more coming up in this space.


data science &
Edge Ai




IEEE 802.11ah
The next big thing in IoT wireless technology & protocol.
Certified by the Wifi Alliance.

We have been following the genesis of this technology since its early days and embrace it as its true evangelists and pioneers to enable the next generation smart systems across the board. We expect explosive growth of HaLow in the IoT space.

Wi-Fi HaLow is the widely announced “next big thing” in wireless data transmission applications such as industrial IoT, smart cities, health, home and other wireless applications which typically need to operate under battery power for 5 years or more. In its first incarnation, the PCS1100  from Palma Ceia SemiDesign is a highly integrated and feature-rich intelligent chipset supporting internet of Things (IoT) applications that require low power, higher throughput and extended range (up to 1Km), low duty cycle communications and extensive features to manage dense networks of sensor devices.

QL is a exclusive distributor of the first commercially available HaLow (IEEE 802.11ah) development boards and transceivers, for Brazil, Spain, Portugal and African countries.

You can buy them from us here.


Tags in general have been another one of QL’s obsessions over the years. From ESLs to bluetooth LE battery-less energy-harvesting beacons, we have been all over the place in the tag & beacon universe.

Now we found our perfect use-case and are integrating it one of our biggest projects that aims to change the packaging industry and save our climate while we’re at it.

We are just now warming up our R&D engines and strategic academia partners to be able to deliver the first iteration of this new technology by H2 2021.

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The revolution into the world of packaging is coming.


A new breed of materials will drive many of our innovation projects.

Sometimes the idea for a project can come out of thin air, from pure inspiration, or from something that leads one’s mind right into that Eureka moment.

We found out soon enough that materials are one of those lead drivers. And one that has been growing stronger and stronger in the QL science & engineering teams.

We are just now warming up our R&D engines and strategic academia partners to develop a series of new materials and nano-materials that will cover applications ranging from high efficiency solar cells to nano-electronics.

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Computer vision is at the core of the QL Ai division. We strive to not only develop the best CV algorithms but also to run them on the fastest, low-power, down-to-the-metal optimised Ai chip accelerators available on our planet.

So our focus has been and will be first and foremost on edge Ai, as we believe that our applications will gain their value from being low-latency namely for mission critical situations and scenarios where split-second decisions or actions must be made.

We are working very close and deeply with strategic partners on this Ai SoCs and modules front along with highly optimised software and firmware to achieve our goals.

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Computer Vision

Giving a new set of eyes to the
human race.

AV Watermarking

Advancing the dark art of steganography.

One of the very few idols of our CEO is Leonardo da Vinci. One of the reasons of being so is the fact that Leonardo was, back in the XV century, among many other things, the pioneer of a true mind-blowing technique called steganography, which is the science of hiding things (or data) in plain view.

At QL we have foreseen many use cases for this technique, and as such, we are now investing a lot of our R&D resources to turn that into a mature and solid technology, in order to develop its applications over audio and video data carriers. Furthermore, not only are we doing it over digital signals but also over analogue ones. Yeah we know, it’s insanely crazy stuff. And we love it.

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QL is proud to have been at the forefront of the PSD2 adoption in the EU and in particular in our home country, where we were selected by the local banking regulator as the first few companies to kick-off the fintech bandwagon in a project called Finlab.

Since then we have been carefully studying and planning our next move in this exciting field, and as we move deep into our certified payments institution application with our local authorities, we are also preparing its first applications, by connecting the dots of several of our in-house core technologies and skills, to provide what will be a new eWallet and payment methods that will absolutely shake the industry’s modus operandi.

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eWallet & Payments

Payments at the speed of light. Or maybe something else.


The future is distributed.

Having bought bitcoins when they were still a complete mystery to most of the planet, our founder and CEO has always been a huge fan of cryptocurrency and better even, of DLTs, aka distributed ledger technology.

Sure, first it was the blockchain revolution with Sakamoto’s seminal paper back in 2008, but soon enough other consensus algorithms not based on PoW, took him by storm in the following years, and it became crystal clear for our founder, that it would have the deepest implications on future technology solutions that he already had in mind by then. It was the missing piece of the puzzle that finally had fallen into place.

QL is thus starting heavy R&D starting early 2021 for our own take on DLT engine and will be integrating it into most our present and future solutions as a true IT and IoT data infrastructure framework, as we deeply believe that the future is decentralised, or better even, distributed, towards a much more transparent and socially just one.

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