The Problem

Quality not Quantity

The “music for sync” market , which is exploding due to the new youtuber & videographer generation, and on the other hand, the “background music” market are plagued by libraries that claim tens of thousands of tracks to be used, but the reality is 99% of those are essentially ..useless, due to very low & amateurish quality. 

Complex Licensing

Most music for sync and other related music provider platforms, require complicated licensing schemes or agreements that are both confusing and limiting in their scope, and so become authentic creativity obstacles not only to general videographers, but also to the rising  youtuber generation.


Besides complex licensing and often subpar available content, most music for sync and background applications is usually expensive, specially for the regular and prolific indie youtubers and videographers our there.



Available: Q4 2021

The New Disruptive Music Platform for Sync and Commercial Spaces.

Video (soon)

Sample Music


New industry standard quality

The Sonoplast music library is the result of thousands of hours of professional grade studio production sessions including recording, mixing and mastering carefully crafted with the highest order of creativity, technicality and ultimately, love. And it shows. We are set to rock the foundations of this industry to new heights of quality by becoming the new reference for it. Let the games begin!

Music for sync

Are you an indie videographer? Or perhaps a seasoned youtuber? Maybe you are just an occasional freelance video content producer for personal or professional use? Or even a full blown cinematic or TV production powerhouse or broadcasting network? Well, we’ve got something for ya’ll. Next time you need music for your next video or cinema film, TV  or radio ad, or even computer game, we ‘ve got you covered. Big time!

Music for background

Background music is a type of musical performance in which the music is not the primary focus of its listeners, but its deliberately used to affect behavioral & emotional responses in them. In premises like retail shops, supermarkets, waiting rooms, or artificial spaces such as on-hold calls, music is used for commercial benefit by pushing impulse buying or pure client entertainment. Sonoplast is here to play it!

Dead simple licensing

Forget about confusing licensing schemes or agreements, that are just about as irritating as they are distractful for their subscribers. At Sonoplast we simplified to its barebones all the licensing needed, so you can focus on what you do best without interrupting your creativity flow: great video content with great (Sonoplast) music :)

Super affordable & flexible pricing

Both music sync and background music libraries will have a pay-as-you-go or annual subscriptions for unlimited use. That's it. Really. Well, there’s one more thing actually.. On both libraries you will also be able to bid on individual tracks so that they can become wordwide exclusive of yours. Forever. Great stuff isn’t it?

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