The Problem

Out of stock

In the bottled water-cooler industry one of the worst things that can happen to a customer is when he realises it just ran out-of-stock. Either at home or in the office, specially in the hot seasons, the dreaded OOS nightmare is something that can happen many times to most people.

Hello operator?

Just as bad as an out-of-stock situation, is the fact to have to manually contact the bottled water supplier by phone or email and probably wait a long time before actually being cared for. Your thirst and the ones’ around you cannot wait any longer.

Route Inferno

On the other hand, for the bottled water provider it’s a complete nightmare to guess what routes would be optimal for their fleet of trucks to deliver their bottles refills to their thirsty customer. If only they could guess who is nearing OOS ...



Available: Q3 2021

A first-of its-kind device that instantly turns
any legacy water-cooler dispenser into a mean-lean XXI century smart-machine.
It´s self-installable, full-colour touch display enabled, low-cost, yet a high quality device that adapts to any water-cooler and upgrades it with a set of features never before seen in such a device.

Video (soon)


Ai = No more

SmartRing is the first low-cost accessory for bottled water-cooler dispensers, that instantly turns them into a lean-mean fully smart and cloud connected machine. It’s fully autonomous and it sports a custom edge Ai engine which learns your consumption patterns and enables it to know when it’s time to order more bottles so you never run OOS again!

Autopilot Delivery

SmartRing is really smart. And although you can manually re-order more bottles directly on the device, just by a few clicks on it, immediately notifying the delivery company, you can set it on auto mode and have the whole process to happen seamlessly by itself and you will only notice it when the new bottles arrive at your doorstep. It’s that easy.

We got your back

SmartRing is also your guardian angel as it has on-device algorithms to detect possible water leaks and saving you from a possible disaster after a whole night silent dripping catastrophe when you get back the next morning to the office. It also enables you to ask for tech service and assistance directly on-device. No app needed.

Back-end marvel

Complete back-office for full remote administration, management, dashboard widgets, analytics and reporting.
The technology stack also includes a full API for integration in any 3rd party information system such as ERP, CRM, POS etc, for full 360º with the water provider’s accounting, logistics and delivery fleets.

Look mom, I’m on TV!

Cherry on top, the solution includes  a complete advertising platform (smartAds), for on-device marketing or communication campaigns, right on it’s glorious full colour display. New revenue opportunities for the water delivery service provider and beyond.

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