The Problem


Everyone knows our body is mostly made of, you guessed it: water. Keeping oneself properly hydrated is, more than just a healthy thing to do, a matter of taking really good care of oneself. Truth is most people forget to drink as much water during the day, as they should.

The Environment

The bottled water industry is perhaps one of the main contributors for the excess plastic consumption and pollution on our planet, due to its discardable packaging nature.

The Motivation

Recycling should be the word of the day, everyday, but the fact remains that most people soon lose the motivation to keep the effort of recycling their bottles and so the problem gets increasingly worse.



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The most innovative water intake APP adds recycling and gamification to its super feature set.

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It's a Climate Saving Game

More than just a new app, the myMonchique is a part of a
bigger picture, a true ecosystem solution, where everything from circular economy and reduction of logistics’ cost, to gamification rewarded bottle reuse & recycling, thus reducing plastic use dramatically, everything is thought out to help push the climate change issue into a new era of a cleaner & safer environment.

Keeping up with hydration

myMonchique main purpose is to be your best hydration friend by doing its magic on your water intake monitoring. Helps you keep hydrated all day long based on dynamic parameters such as age, weight, height, activity levels and weather.

Recycle heroes

Empowers and motivates the user to go to a public recycling point, and via a community-validated on-the-act selfie that call EcoSelfie™,  the user actively recycles its previously registered bottles from the provider and earns extra points towards its gamification all-of-fame leaderboard

Let the games begin

The whole app is run over a deep gamification engine that rewards both bottle registration as well as its recycling. Both are community-verified actions, right on the app itself. Points are earned to push you to the top of the global leaderboard and can then be exchanged for more bottles of water or merchandising and so on

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