The Problem

Privacy, a Luxury?

In an era of the social networks revolution as well as the people tracking features they enforce, along with the deep digital transformation all businesses and governments are undertaking, privacy has indeed become a real luxury. One of such cases is daily global identity exposure to CCTV systems that are everywhere.

Human Factor is the Weakest Link

The truth of the matter is that the current state-if-the-art shows us that the majority of CCTV systems are monitored by humans, and as such are subject to reiterated, unauthorised  breaches and leaks of video data and access, along with very low surveillance efficiency itself.

Dangerous Exposure

It is still not on everyone’s collective consciousness but the reality right now is that all your sensitive data shown on any smart-device (watch, phone, tablet etc) or computer display is under serious exposure over all and any CCTV system once you get out to the street or even indoors.



Available: Q4 2021

The “new hope” in balancing Security vs Privacy for 100% GDPR compliant Video-Surveillance Systems

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The new Hope

Security vs Privacy are two concepts that have never found their common ground regarding video-surveillance systems. Until now. FaceGuard is an industry-first,  video-surveillance software & hardware Ai powered technologies stack, that will enable true data-subject (all of us) privacy while keeping all the security and safety functionality that are the reason why such systems exist in the first place.

Your 360º Guardian Angel

FaceGuard, is a trademark and a patent pending technology, is bringing a stack of 4 new computer vision technology layers that operate in tandem, providing full on-demand selective data subject (de)anonymisation features, device-display anonymisation, behavioral analytics and general weapons’ detection, all that while keeping the whole system 100% GDPR compliant.

GDPR champion

The technology stack also includes an innovative custom DLT “blockchain” infrastructure for unprecedented transparency over its data handling, via anti-tampering, indisputability and immutability, as well as a parallel GDPR DSAR data bus self-service feature to greatly simplify and streamline DSAR events for both data controllers and data subjects. GDPR  doesn’t get much better than this. Period.

Meet the Family

FaceGuard is a complete hardware & software solution built from the ground-up to be released in a 2-stage roadmap. First out will be a disruptive NVR that boosts the latest in edge Ai acceleration, running real-time on-device low-latency multi-channel computer vision & encryption processes, compatible with all current IP cameras on the market. Then, a new breed of IP camera will follow, and will change everything..again.

The new industry standard

Besides FaceGuard itself becoming the new norm in video-surveillance systems, its whole GDPR management associated ecosystem platform, will create what is expected to become the new industry standard in system privacy certification in this industry. There will be 2 separate levels of (publicly verifiable) certification, depending on the system configuration the data-controller will deploy. Stay tuned for more on this.

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