The Problem

Out of stock

In the high volume B2B beer industry, its critical for operations to know at all times what the beer tank levels are at, so the refill logistics can be optimised for best route vs cost of delivery ratios, white making sure an out-of-stock situation never happens. This has been so far painful manual affair..

Houston, we have a Problem

In industrial application scenarios, factors like maintenance is also paramount. Sometimes all that takes to jeopardise operations is to realise too little too late a certain part of the system is about to break or malfunction. Then, its indeed too late.

Route Inferno

On the other hand, for the beer provider it’s a complete nightmare to guess what routes would be optimal for their fleet of trucks to deliver their tank and barrel refills to their clients. If only they could guess who is nearing OOS ...


BeerSpot™ & BeerDrive™

Available: Q3 2021

Power-up the beer Industry with the most innovative industrial grade beer storage & self-service dispensing technologies.

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Ai = No more

BeerDrive & BeerSpot are fully smart and cloud connected industrial grade beer dispensing & storage solutions. They are fully autonomous and feature a custom edge Ai engine which learns the beer consumption patterns down to centiliter accuracy, and enables the system to know when it’s time to order more barrel or tank refills, so you never run out-of-stock again!

Autopilot Delivery

BeerDrive & BeerSpot are smart solutions. So although you can manually request barrel or tank refills directly on the device, just by a few clicks on it, immediately notifying the delivery company, you can set it on auto mode and have the whole process to happen seamlessly by itself and you will only notice it when the refill truck arrive at your premises doorstep. It’s that easy.

Total Control

The solution comprises a full telemetry implementation, on all system critical components and parts, so remote and predictive maintenance becomes a breeze.
It also enables you to ask for tech service and assistance directly on-device. No app needed.

Back-end marvel

Complete back-office for full remote administration, management, dashboard widgets, analytics and reporting.
The technology stack also includes a full API for integration in any 3rd party information system such as ERP, CRM, POS etc, for full 360º with the water provider’s accounting, logistics and delivery fleets.


In the case of the BeerSpot model, which is used for end-consumer beer self-service application, the solution is ready for full gamification implementation, so you can turn the consumer experience into something socially dynamic and interactive, creating all sorts of marketing and upselling possibilities.

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