The Problem

The Economics

The bottled water business is one of the toughest industries in the world. The margins are thin and the associated logistics are very expensive, to make it profitable.

The Environment

The bottled water industry is perhaps one of the main contributors for the excess plastic consumption and pollution on our planet, due to its discardable packaging nature.

The Motivation

Recycling should be the word of the day, everyday, but the fact remains that most people soon lose the motivation to keep the effort of recycling their bottles and so the problem gets increasingly worse.



Available: Q2 2021

First-of its-kind, complete end-to-end circular economy enabler, eco-friendly, industrial smart water-dispenser concept.
Based on next generation water filtering, sterilization and remineralization technologies, full IoT telemetry implementation for complete remote deployment management and predictive maintenance, big full colour touch-display for immersive user interface experience, and also the latest post-mix dispensing technology for on-demand user “made-to-taste” water design on-the-fly.

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It's a Climate Saving Game

More than just a new machine, the AquaSpot is just a part of a bigger picture, a true ecosystem solution, where everything from circular economy and reduction of logistics’ cost, to gamification rewarded bottle reuse & recycling, thus reducing plastic use dramatically, everything is thought out to help push the climate change issue into a new era of a cleaner & safer environment.

Next Gen Filtering & UV-C

Everything in the AquaSpot project is an absolute innovation, down to component-level. Two of its shining stars are both the new revolutionary filtering and sterilization stages that enable the system to provide high quality fresh and healthy water right from a regular grid supply, even if that source is below standard consumer grade quality.

DYOW - Design Your Own Water

Of course, one of the main attractions of the AquaSpot is its capability to create many types of water on-demand and on-the-fly. Want a known water brand as the basis of your next sip? No problem, as its recreated via an engenius remineralization stage. Want that with some sparkle? You got it. Want to top it off with some tasty fruit flavor? Done.

Message (tag) in the bottle

Besides the AquaSpot unit, there is “one more thing”… actually two more things: a special rePET bottle in two sizes (1L & 3L) that is also dispensed directly in the machine, and a special new 100% eco-friendly unique ID tag technology for each bottle so they become trackable in the gamification process. And soon another revolutionary bottle will rise..

EcoHero™ the APP

This is where the magic happens. A unifying app that is modular by design, and will pair with the growing number of the ecosystem’s devices. AquaSpot is just the beginning. In this special app we call EcoHero, you will automatically aggregate all your eco-friendly activities and be rewarded for them, in a hall of fame eco-leaderboard.

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