The Problem

Out of stock

In the bottled water business one of the worst things that can happen to a customer is when he realizes it just ran out-of-stock. Either at home or in the office, specially in the hot seasons, the dreaded OOS nightmare is something that can happen many times to most people.

Oh no, not again

Just as bad as an out-of-stock situation, is the fact to have to manually contact the water supplier by phone or email and probably wait a long time before actually being cared for. God forbid even worse to have to drive to the supermarket just to bring those heavy 5/20L bottles.

The real thing?

What about the true origin and quality of the water being delivered or sold to you? How can you be really sure that it is what it says in the label? Why should you care? Well, it’s something you will pour into your body. It’s serious business. That’s why.



Available: Q2 2021

Due to its low price, AquaPal is a totally revolutionary high-quality water-dispenser for the masses, leveraging the power of IoT and embedded systems along with edge Ai, to enable a whole new level of convenience for both bottled water consumers and providers, by creating a new order-from-home + home-delivery ecosystem.

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Because it’s a truly autonomous cloud connected device and has its own edge AI expanded by server-side logic too.


Because besides being an electric automatic water dispenser
with full flow control, it can also learn (via onboard machine learning) your
consumption habits and re-order automatically more bottles of water before you run out of stock. Or you can also order them directly on-device, manually. No app needed.


Because it has several built in sensors that analyse in real-time the water quality and warn you when it thinks you might not be about to drink the water type you think you got in the bottle. This is also why AquaPal
is your best water consumption friend!

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