Quantum Leap announces FrisBee™ , an Innovative Technology for Next Level Order-from-Home Convenience

Quantum Leap (QL), a cutting edge Portuguese technology startup, today confirmed the announcement at this year’s Web Summit of FrisBee™ , its new technology for an innovative order-from-home solution.

“In a particularly difficult pandemic period where people around the world are, more often than not, literally forced, to stay at home, and complete verticals like the restaurant industry struggles to stay afloat, there was never before a better time for new ways to make it easier to get the things you love or need the most delivered to your doorstep,” said Ricardo Lopes, chief executive officer of QL. “We are excited to announce that we are bringing to the market a new generation of so called “smart-button” technology, materialized in an app-free, low-cost, ultra-compact, full-colour touch display device, so inexpensive, that brands can offer it to their customers for free. And most importantly all that while being a truly autonomous cloud connected device, that will enable for the first time in its category, full user interaction and experience” he continued.

With this offering, QL is creating a complete new order-from-home + home-delivery ecosystem, leveraging the power of IoT and embedded systems along with edge Ai, to enable a whole new level of convenience for both consumers and product/service providers in the food industry and beyond.

The FrisBee™ technology embodies a dedicated physical “button” short-cut for the brands/products you love the most. QL calls it “Apps for Real” as it actually looks and feels like suddenly someone brought a digital app from your smartphone into the real physical world. So next time you feel hungry for that special pizza you always get back to, you just need to click that brand’s FrisBee tm , select the ones and how many you want to order, and pizza heaven will be on its way to your door. You can even set one-click favorites for an even more simple and seamless experience.

The technology stack also includes a full API for integration in any 3rd party information system such as ERP, CRM, POS etc, for full circle with the brands’ accounting, logistics and home-delivery fleets. The device also boosts proximity sensing features in order to save battery life and most importantly trigger dynamic “just-in-time” marketing promotions from the operator brands.

The solution is in an advanced R&D stage but set to hit the market in Q3 2021 and is already under evaluation by major multinational brands.

About Quantum Leap
QL is a technology pivot for designing hardware and software solutions. The company’s proven expertise enables it to offer services in cutting-edge hardware design and system software. QL also offers product engineering services for various vertical markets at the crossroads of IoT, Edge Ai, and DLTs (“blockchain” technologies). QL has affiliations with academia as well as with industry and soon with government authorities too. Visit QL on the web at www.quleap.com .

Quantum Leap Media Contact
Júlia Astolfi