Quantum Leap announces AquaSpot® and EcoHero™ the Most Advanced Industrial Water Dispenser Ecosystem in The World

Quantum Leap (QL), a cutting edge Portuguese technology startup, today confirmed the announcement at this year’s Web Summit of its patent pending technology solution, AquaSpot® and EcoHero™ , the most advanced industrial water dispenser ecosystem in the world.

“We have been following the progress of the water dispenser industry up closely, especially in the last 3 years, and although we’ve seen some great ideas and technologies develop, we haven’t seen any that would unify in a consistent and meaningful way, the technology innovation, economic advantages, and above all, climate-change friendly features, in an unique concept and its implementation,” said Ricardo Lopes, chief executive officer of QL.

“We are incredibly excited to announce that we are bringing to the market a first-of its-kind, complete end-to-end circular economy enabler, eco-friendly, industrial smart water-dispenser concept”, he continued. “It is based on next generation water filtering, sterilization and remineralization technologies, full IoT telemetry implementation for complete remote deployment management and predictive maintenance, big full colour touch-display for immersive user interface experience, and also the latest post-mix dispensing technology for on-demand user “made-to-taste” water design on-the-fly. It’s really completely nuts and insane the amount of technology we are putting in these machines” he added.

“All this tied into a deep gamification process via data interchange between the systems’ app (that we call “EcoHero tm “) and the dispensers, so that the end user will get rewarded each time he uses these machines to refill his bottle with a reusable one, hence helping to reduce the use of plastic” he concluded.

As all that wasn’t enough, the AquaSpot tm also features a built-in innovative bottle retrieving mechanism, so they can be recycled and of course, the user gets extra bonus gamification points for it. But the innovation craze doesn’t stop there, as the QL team is on fire, partnering up with one of the countries top universities and world’s top materials’ engineering R&D centers to develop two totally new and also first-of-its-kind additional technologies:

1. A 100% eco-friendly smart-tag that will be used to automatically track all the first generation bottles used in the AquaSpot tm ecosystem.
2. A 100% compostable and recyclable packaging material that will first serve for the next generation of the AquaSpot tm proprietary eco-friendly bottles and later on beyond into the whole packaging industry. This will complete the full circular-economy feature of the project. The technology stack of the whole AquaSpot tm ecosystem also includes a full API for integration in any 3rd party information system such as ERP, CRM, POS etc. The solution is already at proof-of-concept/working prototype stage and is set to hit the market by the end of Q2 2021 with already big multinational players in the big retail industry evaluating the solution.

About Quantum Leap
QL is a technology pivot for designing hardware and software solutions. Thecompany’s proven expertise enables it to offer services in cutting-edge hardware design and system software. QL also offers product engineering services for various vertical markets at the crossroads of IoT, Edge Ai, and DLTs (“blockchain” technologies). QL has affiliations with academia as well as with industry and soon with government authorities too. Visit QL on the web at www.quleap.com .

Quantum Leap Media Contact
Júlia Astolfi