Quantum Leap announces AquaPal® , the Most Advanced Low-Cost Water Dispenser in The World

Quantum Leap (QL), a cutting edge Portuguese technology startup, today confirmed the announcement at this year’s Web Summit of its AquaPal® , the most advanced low-cost water dispenser in the world.

“The market is flooded with cheap and very low quality products in this segment of the bottled water industry, namely dispensing devices, and we think that, if water is the most precious thing we have on our planet, and it is the key for life, why on earth would we treat it with such low standards when it comes to the tools we use to serve it?” said Ricardo Lopes, chief executive officer of QL. “We are excited to announce that we are bringing to the market a first-of its-kind, “smart water-dispenser”, he continued. “It is an app-free (although it can have a companion app), ultra-compact, full-colour touch display enabled, low-cost yet, high quality device that brings for the first time a set of features never before seen in its category” he added.

Due to its low price, AquaPal® is a totally revolutionary high-quality water-dispenser for the masses, leveraging the power of IoT and embedded systems along with edge Ai, to enable a whole new level of convenience for both bottled water consumers and providers, by creating a new order-from-home + home-delivery ecosystem.

The AquaPal® includes 3 main features:
1. Smart-device. Because it’s a truly autonomous cloud connected device and has its own edge AI expanded by server-side logic too.
2. Convenience. Because besides being an electric automatic water dispenser with full flow control, it can also learn (via onboard machine learning) your consumption habits and re-order automatically more bottles of water before you run out of stock. Or you can also order them directly on-device, manually. No app needed.
3. Safety. Because it has several built in sensors that analyse in real-time the water quality and warn you when it thinks you might not be about to drink the water type you think you got in the bottle. This is also why AquaPal® is your best water consumption friend!

The technology stack also includes an optional companion APP for the end user, and full API for integration in any 3rd party information system such as ERP, CRM, POS etc, for full circle with the water provider’s accounting, logistics and home-delivery fleets.

The solution is already entering pre-production stage and is set to hit the market in Q2 2021 in partnership with one of Portugal’s leading B2C water brands “Água de Monchique” that will have exclusive distribution rights for that territory, and joint distribution rights for the rest of the world with QL.

About Quantum Leap
QL is a technology pivot for designing hardware and software solutions. The company’s proven expertise enables it to offer services in cutting-edge hardware design and system software. QL also offers product engineering services for various vertical markets at the crossroads of IoT, Edge Ai, and DLTs (“blockchain” technologies). QL has affiliations with academia as well as with industry and soon with government authorities too. Visit QL on the web at www.quleap.com .

Quantum Leap Media Contact
Júlia Astolfi