Who We Are

Founded in march 2018, we are a technology company focused on strong innovation at the intersection of the most current disruptive technologies: VR/AR, Biometrics, Ai, DLTs and IoT.
Based in sunny Portugal (HQ in Almada), our team is currently composed of 20 engineers and PhD, 1 DPO (GDPR + Law), and 3 Administration staff, with a diverse skill-set of expertise, with each member going very deep into his/her own field. 

As a rare kind of a 100% independent and self-funded by design startup, we are experiencing rapid growth, and in less than 2 years we conquered sustained profit and industry-leading multinational clients and accounts. 

We are a GDPR aware company, and as such, all our solutions are from the ground up, privacy-by-design products & services.


Ricardo Lopes

QL Mothership Captain

I’m a serial entrepreneur, with a computer science and electronics background, with a legacy of more than 20 years of experience in the hi-tech  R&D, and creative industries.

Founded in early 2018, Quantum Leap (aka QL), is my most recent and ambitious project in the tech start-up world so far, and considering its challenges ahead, will most likely be my last one.

It is the “final frontier”  for me as a professional in the field, where my full vision for the future of mankind will be developed, and the culmination
of many years of intense thinking, experimenting and learning with all the successes, but more importantly, with all the mistakes.

Our Goals


We are 100% masters of our own destiny.
We want to keep it that way.


We aren’t just a business. We are here
to make an immediate & significant impact
on everyone’s lives.


Through science & technology we will deliver
the tools and platforms to elevate our society
into a new era of overall wellness.

Our Divisions

IT & Hardware

We are not just another software house. We are first and foremost, true hardware Jedis, and electronics is in our DNA.

We live and breathe hardware & software engineering at its highest level, and we pride ourselves of systematically being pioneers and early adopters of some of the world's most advanced technologies, methods and frameworks.

Full-stack development, high scalability concurrency and fault tolerant backends, native mobile app development, hardware design, embedded systems & IoT, down-to-the-metal critical firmware and cybersecurity, and even expert industrial design, it’s all our ball game. Everyday.

Ai & Biometrics

Data science in general and Ai in particularly are unmistakingly two of the key skills that the QL team has under its belt.

Going deeper into it, we find in edge Ai and multimodal (face + voice) biometrics our favorite data science playgrounds. 

Then we also are getting our feet wet into more exquisite fields such as innovative algorithms and technologies for computer vision, liveness detection, watermarking and steganography, for both audio and video carriers. Its applications are endless. So is our obsession in these fields of study.


Quantum Leap is in the process of becoming  a central bank accredited fintech.

We consider this move to be a strategic one in order to natively incorporate payment systems in our hardware and software solutions that offer an unprecedentedly seamless  end-to-end user experience.

Proof of this is the fact that QL was one of the very first few selected companies to be included in a special fintech accelerator program called “Finlab” created by the national regulatory authorities, namely, the Portuguese central bank (Banco de Portugal) and the Portuguese securities market commission (CMVM) .

Pro AV

In an era where society is ruled by social networks, the main everyday main-course is content-first consumption. In a nutshell, content is king.

Just text doesn’t cut the mustard anymore too. Video and audio are no longer a “nice-to-have” but a new industry standard “must-have” for effective communication and marketing.

So, not only for our internal needs, but also for our clients and partners’, we went on to set-up a full blown pro AV production powerhouse in-house.

We provide end-to-end audio and video production focusing on sound design, full original music scoring, recording, mixing and mastering, promotional institutional and product video shooting, professional photography, as well as more specialized services such as 8K and thermal aerial drone video recording.


We dive deep into the
IoT revolution


We continue our
roadmap into making
a better world through
technology innovation

QL is founded with 100%
own capitals and starts
hardware & software R&D


We get our feet wet in
researching edge Ai & DLTs,
and develop and provision
security & scalability skills